About CHAS

How do I renew?

Health Assist cards typically have a validity period of two years. 

Three months before the card expires, each household will receive an invitation letter for renewal, along with a pre-filled renewal form. The form should be submitted with supporting documents (if any)1.            

If the household did not respond to the invitation letter, they will receive a reminder letter for renewal, one month before the card expires.              

1Foreigners and Special Pass holders are required to include clear copies of valid foreign identification documents (i.e. FIN card) or Special Pass and document(s) indicating the relationship to Main Applicant (e.g. marriage or birth certificate).           


My household did not receive the invitation letter for renewal or the reminder letter. What should I do?        

  1. Pick up a CHAS application form at any Community Centre or Club (CC), Community Development Council (CDC), Public Hospital or Polyclinic. Alternatively, you can download the application form here.            
  2. Complete the form with all necessary signatures.           
  3. Mail out the completed form with supporting documents (if any).               

Please note that only one application form is required for each household.          

Your application will be processed within 15 working days from receipt of the completed form with the necessary supporting documents.