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About the Healthier SG Chronic Tier


What is the Healthier SG Chronic Tier Subsidy Framework?

From 1st  February 2024, the Healthier SG Chronic Tier Subsidy Framework will be introduced at Healthier SG General Practitioner (GP) clinics. Under the subsidy framework, all Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), Pioneer Generation (PG), or Merdeka Generation (MG) cardholders can get selected medications for chronic diseases at their enrolled Healthier SG GP Clinic, at prices that are comparable to those at polyclinics. The Healthier SG Chronic Tier will benefit CHAS/PG/MG cardholders who have higher medication needs and whose bills may exceed the current CHAS annual subsidy limits.

Only one subsidy tier may be used at each chronic visit. Residents may choose between the CHAS Chronic Tier or Healthier SG Chronic Tier, to apply the subsidy tier that best benefits them based on their medication needs. Pro-ration of the annual dollar subsidy balance will automatically apply upon switching between the two tiers.

Additionally, from 1st  February 2024​, patients with conditions under the CDMP can use MediSave to fully pay for their treatment at their enrolled Healthier SG GP clinics, up to the MediSave500/700 limit. They no longer need to co-pay 15% of their bill in cash.​

C​ertain GP clinics may also arrange for direct delivery of selected chronic medications under the Healthier SG Medication List to the enrollee's home. Delivery charges may apply.


All of us can now apply for CHAS!

​​​​​If you are a Singapore citizen aged 21 and above, simply log in to our online application system using Singpass and submit an application for yourself and your loved ones at home.​​