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Where can the CHAS, Merdeka Generation and Pioneer Generation cards be used?

CHAS GP and Dental clinics
The cards can be used at participating CHAS GP and dental clinics. You may use the clinic locator here to locate the nearest clinic to your location.

Community Health Centres (CHCs)
The cards can also be used at CHCs to receive subsidised rates for healthcare services which complement the clinical care offered by CHAS GPs for chronic conditions. CHC services include Diabetic Retinal Photography (DRP), Diabetic Foot Screening (DFS) and nurse counselling. More information on the CHCs is available here.

Primary Care Network (PCN) clinics
The Primary Care Networks (PCN) refers to a network of General Practitioners (GPs) supported by nurses and care coordinators who aim to provide holistic and coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.

This team-based care approach ensures patients are better cared for in the community. Nurses will assist to advise patients on chronic disease management and lifestyle modifications, while care coordinators will monitor the care plan for patients, e.g. for diabetic patients, to ensure that patients are being scheduled for appropriate follow ups on DRP and DFS.


PCN team All Singaporean citizens, regardless of CHAS status (Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation, CHAS and non-CHAS cardholders) can enjoy subsidised ancillary services at all PCN GP clinics.

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Services offered by the PCN include:

  • Diabetic Foot Screening
    The PCNs will collaborate with service providers to ensure diabetic patients do regular diabetic foot screenings and identify any early onset diabetic-related complications to reduce the risk of lower limb amputations. Patients will be educated on the importance of proper foot care and glycaemic (blood glucose) control. Referrals to podiatry or specialist will be initiated where necessary.
  • Diabetic Retinal Photography
    The PCNs will collaborate with various community service providers such as Diabetic Society Singapore (DSS) and Community Health Centres (CHCs) to coordinate and schedule their diabetic patients for annual DRP appointments. This will ensure early detection of any diabetic-related retinal changes where early interventions can reduce the risk of complications that might lead to blindness.
  • Nurse Counselling and Education
    Nurse Counsellors will tailor individualised health advice to their patients to ensure better management of their chronic conditions. They aim to motivate patients to make lifestyle modifications and to empower patients with self-management skills for better control of their chronic conditions.
  • Other Ancillary Services
    Besides DRP, DFS and nurse counselling services, selected PCNs may also offer spirometry for the diagnosis and management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and may also offer referral(s) to other service providers. Please check with the respective PCN GP clinics for more information.

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