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Log in to MyCHAS here with your SingPass to view your transactions (common illnesses, chronic conditions and dental services), check your chronic and dental subsidy balance and update your particulars.

Please note that logging in to MyCHAS requires SingPass and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Click here to register for a SingPass account if you do not have one.

You may refer to the sample screenshots below for the information you will have access to.

1. Viewing of transaction details 

 Sample screenshot of transaction history for ‘Common Illnesses’

 Common Illnesses_2019 

 Sample screenshot of transaction history for ‘Chronic conditions’

Chronic Conditions_2019 

 Sample screenshot of transaction history for ‘Dental Services’

Dental Services_2019 

Sample screenshot of transaction history for ‘Health Screening’

Health Screening_2019 


2. Viewing of dental subsidy balance 

Check your dental subsidy balance for the remaining claims for various procedures that you can receive subsidies for before visiting your regular dental CHAS clinic.

Dental Subsidy Balance_2019 


3. Viewing and updating of particulars 

Update your particulars to ensure that you receive CHAS notifications such as renewal notices and chronic balance SMS/email.

Updating Profile_2019 

You will be able to view your card type on this page if you have used your CHAS card before.