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CHAS Partners

Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) is set up by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to oversee, coordinate and facilitate all efforts in care integration. Our mission is to achieve best care outcomes for our patients by empowering them with health and social care information and arranging for their care when they are discharged from hospitals. We enable stakeholders to raise the quality of care, and also enhance collaboration by working with health and social care providers to increase services to support the ageing population. Our work in the community brings care services and information closer to those in need.

To visit AIC’s website, please click here. 

Singapore Silver Pages

Singapore Silver Pages v2.0 will be your one-stop resource on eldercare and caregiving whether you are a caregiver, a senior or person needing care. It is the first portal to integrate social care, healthcare and caregiving resources under one roof.

To visit the Singapore Silver Pages, please click here. 

Mobile E-care Locator

The Mobile E-care Locator (MEL) is a free mobile application which enables users to search for health and social care services in Singapore, based on specified eldercare needs of the individuals or their loved ones. Users can learn more about the services offered by the service providers such as CHAS General Practitioner (GP) and are able to locate the selected service providers easily with directional maps and instructions on how to get there.

Click here. to download MEL now.

Care In Mind

If you are a caregiver or want to learn more about mental wellness, Care in Mind is a one-stop online resource that can help! The site provides information and resources about mental health so that you can make empowered decisions for yourself or your loved one. From understanding common mental health conditions to tips on dealing with stress, anger, bereavement and other issues, it also provides handy links to service providers that can offer support. You can also ask and discuss your issues with the Care in Mind team through the “Question in Mind” forum.

To visit the Singapore Silver Pages, please click here.