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CHAS Subsidies

The colour of the CHAS card indicates the subsidy tier that cardholders are entitled to, either CHAS Blue or Orange tier.

All Pioneers also receive special CHAS subsidies for the same range of services, with their Pioneer Generation card.

The amount that cardholders pay will be based on the fees charged by the clinic, minus the CHAS subsidies. Cardholders may wish to check with CHAS clinics on their fees before receiving treatment at each visit.

Please note that by using their CHAS or Pioneer Generation cards at a CHAS clinic, cardholders agree to allow their doctor/dentist to disclose their personal information to the Ministry of Health (including its authorised agents). Please click here for more details on the CHAS patient consent.

The table below summarises the subsidies that cardholders can receive, depending on the colour of their card. From 1 Nov 2019 onwards, CHAS will be enhanced and the enhanced subsidies that cardholders can receive are also indicated in the table below.

CHAS Interim Subsidy Factsheet (3Aug)
Click here to view the full image.


To receive treatment with CHAS

All participating CHAS GPs and dental clinics will display the CHAS stickers. You can visit any participating CHAS clinic of your choice, although you are recommended to visit the same family doctor each time you are unwell for better care management. Please call your preferred clinic for details on the range of services available.

To receive subsidies for your treatment at the CHAS clinic, you will need to produce your valid CHAS, Pioneer Generation or PA card and NRIC during the visit, and we encourage clinics to check with their patients at the point of registration. CHAS cardholders below 15 years old will have to present their valid CHAS card with student ID or birth certificate. CHAS Green cards and Merdeka Generation cards will be accepted at CHAS clinics from 1 November 2019 onwards.


Public Assistance card (PA) cardholders

Singapore Citizens who are on PA will receive full subsidies for treatment of conditions covered under CHAS. To receive subsidies at participating CHAS GPs and dental clinics, Singapore Citizens on PA will need to produce their PA card and NRIC during the visit, and we encourage clinics to check with their patients at the point of registration.

PA Card