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Gradual resumption of dental services after COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period

In tandem with the gradual opening of the economy, non-essential dental services which were deferred can also resume in a controlled and gradual manner from 2 June 2020 onwards. However, managing the current outbreak situation and preventing new clusters from forming remains priority as more healthcare services resume.


The Ministry of Health (MOH) has instructed healthcare providers to triage and prioritise the resumption of services for patients or clients with more urgent medical needs first. In addition, as there is still a need to reduce the risk of community transmissions, physical visits should continue to be avoided where possible. Patients who are assessed to need physical follow-up will have their appointments spaced out so as to maintain safe distancing in the premises.

Dental clinics are to resume with the provision of ongoing dental procedures with guidance to minimise aerosol generation and are advised to see patients by appointment basis. Patients should consult with the doctor alone if possible. If they need to be accompanied, the number of accompanying persons should be limited to one.

A mandatory 15-min or 45-min interval will be instituted on dental clinics before a dentist can proceed to see the next patient depending on whether non-aerosol or aerosol procedure is carried out by the dentist.

It is strongly encouraged that CHAS/Merdeka Generation (MG)/Pioneer Generation (PG) cardholders check with their dental clinics on the procedures which are claimable under CHAS prior to treatment.

For Phase One (“Safe Reopening”), the guidance on ongoing dental services/procedures is non-exhaustive and includes but is not limited to: 

Procedure  Details 
General Dentistry Direct restorations with guidance to minimise aerosol generation where possible
Endodontics Root canal treatment for symptomatic teeth
Periodontics Follow-up of patients with moderate to severe forms of periodontitis
  • Ongoing crown/bridge procedures
  • Ongoing fabrication and issue of partial / full dentures

Procedures to continue to be deferred: Initiation of new cases for crowns and bridges

  • Orthodontic review / maintenance / adjustments
  • Orthodontic debanding
  • Issue of retainers
  • Issue of aligners

Procedures to continue to be deferred: Initiation of any orthodontic procedures except those that are trauma-related, time-sensitive or medically indicated

Oral Surgery
  • Local anaesthesia (LA) Op for removal of wisdom teeth for Tables 1B (SF812T) and 2C (SF813T) under the Table of Surgical Procedures (TOSP).
  • All other surgical procedures involving general anaesthesia (GA), local anaesthesia (LA) or LA with sedation should be referred to the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS), National University Centre for Oral Health Singapore (NUCOHS) or public and private hospital dental clinics for management.

Procedures to continue to be deferred: Elective dental implant placement including placement of immediate implant after tooth extraction